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Pictured at the right is a flow table for just starting your plants.

Static Aerated Technique (SAT) Also referred to as a Passive Technique. Plants are grown in a depth of static nutrient solution, which is aerated by providing air space in the root zone or by pumping air into the nutrient solution in the tank. This is a basic method of hydroponics.

Ebb and Flow Technique (EFT) Flood & Drain Technique EFT is the same as Static Aerated Technique SAT, but the nutrient solution in drained off 3-4 times a day to permit the roots to breathe.

Deep Flow Technique (DFT) The depth of nutrient solution (4-6 cm) is circulated around the roots either by gravity or by using a pump. This technique is also referred to as Dynamic Root Floatation Technique and as Raceways Hydroponics.

Drip Irrigation Technique (DIT) Grown in inert or organic material and the nutrient solution are fed around the root system 6-7 times a day, in drops or trickles. This technique is called as Drip Fertigation Technique.

Aerated Flow Technique (AFT) A modified version of DFT, the nutrient solution is amply aerated by special mechanisms. The Japanese Kyowa Hyponica Technique is somewhat similar to AFT.

Nutrient Film Technique (NFT) This technique helps the root system with a thin film of nutrient solution which is always in contact with the roots while the nutrient solutions circulates and the root surface is exposed to air.

Root Mist Technique (RMT) A nutrient mist solution is sprayed every 4-5 minutes onto the roots of the plants that hang from frame in a root chamber. This technique is known as Aeroponics. This technique is good for starting roots, cuttings and also for extracting (milking) in the pharmaceutical industry.

Fog Feed Technique (FFT) This technique is similar to RMT but the nutrient solution droplet size is very minute. This technique is good for plants having aerial roots. Example: orchids, anthuriums, etc.

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