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Have everything ready first -- then take your cuttings and plant them right away
For best results, take cuttings first thing in the morning.
Use only healthy, actively growing stock plants with soft green stems (woody stem cuttings do not root fast!!!).
For green stem (softwood) cuttings use a straight clean cut; for yellow or brown stem cuttings use a slanted cut.
Remove any leaves or branches that would be below the soil line (snip off leaf stem, leaving a 1/4" stub).
Dip cutting into "Roots" or other hormone products.
After planting trickle a few drop of water down the stem to settle the soil mix around the stem.

To Root in Potting Soil or Soiless Mixes:

Fill containers with potting mix
Water well with room temperature water with "Nutri-Boost" added
("Nutri-Boost" is a vitamin mix; add 7 drops per litre or quart of water)
It's always a good idea to have "No-Damp" nearby in case you notice any signs of wilting; if this occurs, use the recommended application rate of 10m. "No-Damp" to 1 litre of water and spray generously
Now take your cuttings, dip them into a rooting hormone and plant them right away.

To Root in Rockwool Cubes:

Rinse cubes in lukewarm water.
Water cubes with "Nutri-Boost" solution as described above.
Plant the cutting 3/4" of the way into the cube

More Helpful Hints

Root cuttings under moderate light (flourescent light) at 70 - 75 degrees F.
If you use a clear cover, remove twice a day and wipe any condensation off the cover and replace
Use only water and "Nutri-boost" solution until cuttings show signs of new growth at tips -- then feed with 1/2 strengh fertilizer.

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