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Grodan® Stonewool


Picture shows a variety of the grodan stonewool products. You can view the product as a fancy form of container for your plant. The container (or the stone wool) holds the perfect ratio of water and air your plant needs. The fiberous structure of the stonewool gives your plant something to anchor in. The container or the stonewool does not provide any food for your plant. You therefore use plant food in the water each time you water.  

  • Grodan® Stonewool
    Growing Blocks 
    Grodan Cubes


    Miniblocks are used for seed and cutting propagation. This cube is popular for production of aquatic plants. Each block is wrapped in white plastic on four sides and supplied in convenient 23.5" length of "tear away" strips.

    Agro Dynamics offers a large assortment of stonewool growing blocks for hydroponic vegetable and flower production. Growing blocks are used for direct sowing or "blocking on" of SBS , macro and Multiblock (AO) raised plants. Blocks can be supplied with different size "planting" holes to suit the initial Grodan propagation system used.

    We recommend you choose DM 8 or DM 10

    • if you are using the growing block on an straight on an ebb/flood table: or
    • if you are potting the Grodan block up in clay pellets or perlite:

    The bigger block is heavier and will give your plants a good anchor, so they do not fall over. The block also holds more water, so your plant have a water reservoir to fall back on if your drippers fail.  

  • Grodan® Stonewool
    Growing Slabs
    Grodan Slabs

    Grodan ® growing slabs are available wrapped in UV resistant polyethylene sleeves for ease of use. In Talent vegetable slabs the special structure provides a uniform environment allowing plant roots to rapidly explore all the available growing volume for a quick start. Water and nutrient distribution is also more uniform and provides a larger effective rooting volume than previously possible.

    Grodan vegetable slabs come in two sizes. The 6" wide slab is suitable for crops such as tomato, pepper and eggplant. The 8" wide slab is used for more water hungry crops such as cucumbers. Standard cut flower slabs are designed for multi season use. They have a uniform, high fiber quality and excellent structural stability. The 4" high, 6" wide slabs are suitable for production of all types of cut flowers such as roses & carnations. For stock plant production of poinsettias, mums etc., consider the 12" slab.  

    Grodan® Stonewool
    Propagation and Tissue Culture
  • Multiblocks

    Multiblocks are designed for seed and cutting propagation prior to "blocking on" into larger growing blocks. Multiblocks are a free standing module type growing system. The V-shaped individual "cell" within a multi block sheet allows effective air pruning. This encourages rooting within, rather than between, individual blocks. All multiblocks come in a sheet that fits a standard 10x20 flat.

    Many of the grodan® stonewool products are suitable for propagation or rooting of cuttings. The SBS (Single Block System) is designed for propagation of a wide range of plants from geraniums to poinsettias to woody perennials. Those growers desiring a larger root volume should consider the miniblocks.

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