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I am Tim Sattler and I started HydroponicsBC.com back in 1998 as a promotional tool for some of my hosting clients but with the massive rise of importance of getting backlinks from relevant websites and backlinks from online content I have decided to open up HydroponicsBC to other websites that would like to increase their ranking in Google and get more clients!
This will also give you more exposure and access to people that are interested in Hydroponics.

We average over 20,000 unique visitors to HydroponicBC and show over 100,000 pages.

Our main package consists of:

  1. A small logo and short sentence on your business linked from our main page.
  2. Up to 3 sales items every month for our Specials page.
  3. As many quality articles and videos (each one gets its own link back to your website).
  4. Cost $799 a year, new customers in 2014 will be $1450 a year.
  5. That is $67 a month a cup of coffee a day!

Our you can have one article or video with a link back to your site for $150 a year per article or video.

Right now we have some articles that could be sponsored, but these will be on a first come first taken basis one per each new customer until they are all used. These are articles on HID lighting, pH and TDS and Hydroponics Systems, email us back for the full current list but remember the selection will go fast and if you wait to long there will be none.

There is a limited amount of room on the front page of HydroponicsBC for logos and blurbs so once we have hit our maximum then we can have no more so it is important to contact us as soon as possible.

For this month only we will include a short Search Engine ranking assessment of your website so you can see if it is search engine friendly or not, we have been doing SEO for over 10 years now, helping many websites to rank better.

Thanks for your interest in HydroponicsBC.com


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